My Internet finally started working properly, so here are some pictures from my latest excursion to Udong.

Udong means "victorious," probably because after climbing 450 steps up to the pagodas, you feel like you've accomplished a real feat! Any pointy structure thing you see -- that's a pagoda, or part of the temple. I wish I could give you more background on them, but I'm horrible with dates. The prettiest one in the pictures is the newest and was built within the last decade, but the oldest is several hundred years old, dating back to the 1600s (or later?).

Of course, like with any excursion, I tried to include some new foods into my diet. This weekend's tasty treats included a sour fruit (no one knows the English word for it) that is rubbed with chili powder and salt, stuffed grilled frog on a stick, and ANTS! (Take that for infesting my room!)

I should have labeled anything else that isn't completely obvious, so enjoy a look into the former Khmer capital.


Anonymous said...

Your guides were pretty darn cute!!!

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Thanks for letting see the world through your eyes. Those flowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

wow! I'm so glad you're exploring things and posting pictures...it looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love that you're exploring and posting pictures for us to see. These are amazing!