Hole in the Wall Favorite

Tucked away in a dark little ally not far from by house sits a cool little restaurant called the Ally Cat that serves some delicious Mexican food. I'm pretty sure it was delicious ... I have been living on Khmer food for two months and recently developed a craving for tacos so my taste buds could have been slightly off. Even with their lack of taco shells (it was the Aussie owner's birthday the night before) and the possibility of my warped sense of "good food," the tiny hole in the wall won me over. Maybe it was the popazon couches. Who can resist those? The Ally Cat has daily specials, including a weekend all you can eat brunch (pancakes included), which definitely warrants another trip.

I shared my meal with a Canadian named Tom. We figured out that we knew each other because we frequent the same lunch spot every day. It just shows you how small the expat community is here. We discussed writing, our development jobs (he works for the an environmental NGO) and our travel excursions, particularly though Thailand. Though his endeavors seem a bit more ambitious and adventurous than mine, having spent two months studying Muy Thai boxing and three weeks living at a rural monastery where he feared being attacked by monkeys after dark.


Crys said...

The hole in the wall eateries are usually, by far, some of the best places I've been too. And wow, that's really rural when you fear monkey's attacking you in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Hey, monkeys attacking is a real fear for people who grew up watching the flying one in The Wizzard of Oz! :)