Lock Up Your Pets

The blog has been looking a little boring lately from lack of pictures. So here's one of my new cat friend. I think my neighbor owns it, but it roams the building.

And speaking of cats, I heard a funny "only in Cambodia" story this weekend:

This girl who has lived here for about a year had this cat hanging around her place. Both she and her neighbor took to feeding it, so it grew extra plump. Then one day the cat disappeared. She asked her land lady about it, and the land lady said she hadn't seen it but she would ask around. A few days later the land lady knocked on the girl's door and told her matter-of-factly:

"Someone ate your cat."

Only in Cambodia...


Anonymous said...

Oh no! That's horrible. I would not like to know that somebody ate the cat. I would rather think that it was taking a vacation at a nice little kitty spa or something.

PS: Please no posts about all the other household pets you've probably consumed in Cambodia. Thanks, and have a nice day.

Rachael said...

No worries, all. I have yet to eat a household pet. My cat friend is still kicking. :)

Crys said...

"Only in Cambodia"

Or the Phillipines!!! My dad's favorite joke is to tell his cat "I'm going to make Moo Shoo Pork out of you if you don't behave."

he he he