I know. I know. My updates lately have been sparse and infrequent. It's hard to adventure about Cambodia when stuck in an office 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I promise to come up with some more interesting material soon!

As for today, I am wrapping up the International Leadership Skills Training Workshop, which I helped to organize. It's been neat and I'll explain more later. But today I'm giving my presentation, which I lost sleep over last night. Go figure. I'll be teaching or facilitating or giving insight (whatever you want to call it) into team leadership. Anyway, I hope I make it through without making a complete fool of myself because I'm really sleepy.

On a side note: Do you like the photo of the bright pink tuk tuk? It puts Barbie's pink dream convertible to shame. I always thought I'd get a red VW Cabrio one day, but this totally looks like a better investment.


Anonymous said...

I do like it. It also looks like you dressed up to ride it. What was the event?

KBrock said...

Thanks for mustering up something for me :-)

din merican said...

Of course, I do, Rachael. You have a great personality. Keep up your exposure to Cambodia and the good work. The place can get to you. I can't describe that feeling in words, but I keep coming back to Phnom Penh to see the smiles on the faces of Cambodians and the Mekong.

They have been through a lot and I think it's their Buddhism that kept them going through those traumatic years of the Khmer Rouge,the ensuing civil war and the international isolation of Hun Sen and his colleagues.

Professor Michael Haas told me over lunch at AEF recently that when the Americans were fighting the Vietnamese they financed and armed the Khmer Rouge, after having engineered a coup against Sihanouk (Read Sihanouk's "My War with the CIA")in 1970 which destabilised Cambodia under the Lon Nol-Sirik Matak Sisowath regime. That is not shocking to me because Washington always acts in its self interest.Those were the Nixon-Kissinger years.---Din Merican

Rachael said...

Dressed up after a long day at the office... rather a long day at the leadership workshop. Within minutes I was back home, changing into capris and flip flops.

Crys said...

That Tuk Tuk is awesome! Does it come in royal purple too? he he