Should I Run? Input PLEASE!

I'm considering doing another half marathon in March. However, if I do this one, I'm going to need the support of people stateside. The run is in Kep and is to raise money for a Bridges Across Borders community development project called Hand in Hand Cambodia. Each runner will have to make a $200 donation in addition to the registration fees.

So here's my proposition: I'm willing to do this run and will pay the $50 registration fee, but I'd like to see if those of you back home would be willing to support me in the fund raising. If 40 people can donate just $5, this will be possible.

I'm going back and forth on whether or not I should do this, because I can't really afford to make the donation if I can't raise the funds. Let me know what you think. If I feel I can get the support, I'll set up a Pay Pal account and get the ball rolling.

Here are the links to some more information if you'd like to read up:
Bridges Across Borders
Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia
Hand in Hand Project
Kep Half Marathon

Thanks for your input!


Crys said...

I'll support you!!! Let me know for sure when/if you sign up!

KBrock said...

I'd definitely support you!