One Big Mosquito Bite

Ah, the sat moh have become rather fierce lately. I'm getting used to mosquitoes adorning my skin with lovely red bumps, but in the past couple days they have had quite a feast on my bill. Not only are the little suckers getting bigger as the days are growing more warm and humid, but they hurt too! I spent the past two evenings out at the center (photos to come) and as a result I've turned into one big mosquito bite. I've counted more than 30 (30!) just below my knees -- two of which are on my big toe. I've also got them scattered along my arms, neck and back. (Yes, they are eating me through my clothes.) Does anyone have a suggestion for super-duper bug repellent? My Off! Deep Forest just isn't cutting it.

(On the upside, I've yet to catch dengue fever. Knock on wood...)


Crys said...

Mosquitoes love me. This is one of my pages I have bookmarked.


And this I recently found. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting.


KBrock said...

Damn, I don't know, that sounds awful. You'll have to do some internet searching to find a good repellent.