Happy Easter and Khmer New Year!

Happy Easter to everyone in the West! I hope you celebrated with ham and easter egg hunts. I painted easter eggs with my friend Lil and we treated ourselves to candies at the local chocolate shop to celebrate. I will post pictures soon of our artistic creations soon.

Today, I am off to Battambang province for three days to celebrate Khmer New Year with my friend Sok Leak. I'm very excited to see how the holiday is celebrated. I hear I could get a little wet and dusty with the throwing of water and flour. I also bargained with Sok Leak that I would teach her to drive a car if she teaches me to drive a moto. Wish us luck!

Happy holidays and I will post pictures and stories soon!


KBrock said...

Happy Easter and Happy Khmer New Year! Unfortunately I spent my Easter sick in bed, but have a plate of Easter food to eat when I'm feeling better :-). Careful with that water and flour.

Crys said...

I totally celebrated with wine and chocolate :)

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Good luck with the driving lessons, I can't even learn how to drive manual :) Hope you have fun with it.