Question for All You Editors

When copy editing the spelling of names, can Facebook be a reliable fact-checking source if there appears to be no other reliable sources? My thought is if you know that you are looking at the correct profile and the person's name seems to appear in its formal version, then all is a go. Discretion highly required though. Your thoughts?


Callie Lyons said...


Interesting question. As a news director in the MOV, this week I had an occassion where I couldn't quickly get confirmation from the official sources on how to spell the names of a shooting suspect and victim.

In this case, both had prior criminal records, so I searched the possible spellings in the online court documents until I was able to locate them.

Hope this helps!
Callie Lyons

Crys said...

My only concern with that would be that sometimes people don't spell their names right, but I guess if it's all you have and you can't get a hold of them for a follow up it would do.