Update from the Road: Relaxing in Seaside Kep

We arrived in Kep on Saturday and, thankfully, I'm feeling much better. Although, the weather has been quite hot and humid (what are you going to do during the start of monsoon season?) we've both been able to relax quite a bit and get enough sun that today's overcast skies are welcomed.

Saturday and Sunday, we met up with some of my friends from Phnom Penh who were on a weekend vacation to celebrate the departure of our friends back to the states. We mostly hung out at the restaurant at the Sailing Club, one of the town's more upscale resorts, laid out on their dock and took some kayaks into the ocean. And of course, we indulged in some oh-so-cheap fresh shrimp and crab.

We have no real plans for the rest of our time here. Maybe some hiking on Kep mountain (ok... more of an over-exaggerated hill) and a day on Rabbit Island.

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alison said...

Oh how I miss Kep... I hope you got to see the sunset from Rabbit Island. That's something I'll never forget. Happy Trails!