Countdown to USA: Movie Theaters

If there's one thing that Phnom Penh is lacking, it's a decent movie theater. Besides my little escape to KL, I haven't had the pleasure of theater viewing since - well, since the release of the last Batman movie. The smell of buttery popcorn. The relief of a cool dark theater from summer's heat. Sitting among other movie goers and sharing a laugh or a tear. It's almost magical. I can't wait to indulge once again in one of life's little treats.

I've been browsing IMDB, and here are some movies I'm looking forward to in the coming months:

Land of the Lost - Who else watched this as a kid?
Up - Yay Pixar!
Julia and Julia - A foodie's movie, but Meryl Streep stars. (I still can't get over last summer's Mama Mia.)
The Time Traveler's Wife - I love Rachel McAdams and I hear the book was excellent. Perhaps I should give it a read first.
The Proposal - I predict it will turn out to be the perfect summer chick flick.
My Sister's Keeper - I couldn't put down the book. One of my favorites from Jodi Picoult.
Whatever Works - With writer/director Woody Allen and Larry David as lead, it should be worth seeing.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - Matthew McConaughey equals another perfect chick flick.
Where the Wild Things Are - So maybe we're going to have to wait awhile on this one, but I'm THAT excited. A classic childhood book comes to life! (Ok, I just realized how cliche that sounds, but don't lie, you're excited too.)

If you can't tell from the list, my movie taste hovers around girly B movies and over rated kids shows. Guilty pleasure noted. So when's our movie date? You buy the Milk Duds and the popcorn's on me.


KBrock said...

Land of the Lost is supposed to be really bad. The proposal looks cute. I recommend UP, very cute Pixar. And you can watch it in 3D at some theaters! That's about all the help I can give on current movies.

alison said...

I didn't like Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past. The characters bugged me (unrealistic) but that's just me... other people liked it :)
It was nice to go out to a movie theather again though and laugh when all the other people were laughing too!

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

If you dare... we can take the boys to see "Up" after you return. I heard it was really cute and full of balloons so I know Benjamin will love it. That boy lives for balloons :)