Updates from the Road: Angkor Wat-ed Out

My legs are sore and my head is a little groggy, but yesterday's trip to Angkor Wat, for lack of any better words because my brain still isn't functioning at this 6 o'clock hour, amazing. Mom, my friend Sokleak and I came up to Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat, on Thursday and Friday was our day of discovery.

We awoke before sunrise so that we could see the dawn of the day create a silhouette of the impressive structure of the Angkorian temple. Unfortunately, dawn was a bit cloudy, but we still were able to explore the bas-reliefs and apsara carvings as the clouds broke and shone in on the sandstone walls.

After Angkor Wat, the noted symbol of Cambodia, we continued along the Angkorian compound in our trusty tuk tuk to other ancient structures. The Ta Prohm temple being overtaken by vegetation, the 37 four-faced columns of Bayon and the mystical ruins of Banteay Kdei. The photo opportunities were amazing and I can't wait to post pictures for you. (It will be a while, since my computer and camera chord are packed in with the rest of my luggage.)

Today, we are going to enjoy a restful day in Siem Reap town. Sokleak has found some "real" Cambodian food hot spots. Mom isn't so sure if noodles for breakfast is quite her thing, but she already enjoyed the Khmer delicacy baby duck eggs, so I think her stomach will survive.

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Katherine said...

Hi Rachael's mum, you ate duck egg embryos!!