A Family, A Fair

The people in my family love a good fair and today's Columbus Dispatch quoted my aunts and uncle in an article about their visit to the Ohio State Fair. My aunt Joy made the lead of the story while by aunt Crystal, who was on her first visit to the fair, rounded out the end. My uncle Steve, in this snippet, demonstrated the eating habits that keep us in our family relative:

"For me, it's a food stop," said Steve Mertz. By noon, he'd eaten a sundae and a Bahama Mama and was planning to down a corn dog, elephant ear and fried buckeyes.

My family does seem to attract media attention at the fair. At this time 24 years ago, just days before I was born, my pregnant mom was shown on the local television station as she stopped for an elephant ear.

I haven't made it to the fair yet this year, but I plan to make time for fried food, cows and the Midway sometime before it commences next weekend. Hopefully, I'll even get to catch the finale show, Rascal Flatts in concert.


Crys said...

Fairs are a food stop for me too! I had to have a corn dog and a cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate at our latest fair visit.

KBrock said...

What is a fried buckeye?

Rachael said...

Well a buckeye is peanut butter dipped in chocolate that looks like a buckeye nut. (It's an Ohio thing.) And then they deep fry it. It's disgustingly rich.