Ohio State Fair Top 10

#10 People Watching
You can't deny that fair goers are a rare breed. So why not grab an elephant ear, sit on a park bench and let the amusement walk by?

#9 The Butter Cow

An Ohio tradition, this sculpture contains enough butter to make 7,200 batches of cookies. Wow!

#8 The Tilt-O-Whirl
More like the Tilt-O-Sway, we managed to get the broken seat that didn't quite swivel as it should.

#7 The Chicken Fro
Can you dig it?

#6 Ohio Roller Girls
These chicks are burly and surprisingly punk rock, but I'm slightly jealous of their fearlessness to get shoved onto hard surfaces and trampled upon by skates.

#5 Deep Fried Buckeyes
The ooey-gooey richness of peanut butter and chocolate oozing out of the greasy battered shell makes me wonder why Ohioans did think of this treat before 1999.

#4 The Bump-It
I like to call it my "slice-n-dice" item of the year. The fair's expo center is good for anything that comes with a horrible commercial attached to it.

#3 Angry Turkeys

This fowl will not be made into your Thanksgiving dinner.

#2 Cows Waiting In Line At The Hamburger Stand
The irony is sick, twisted and too easy.

And for the #1 reason to go to the fair...

#1 This Guy


alison said...

oh boy, that looks like a crazy time. A butter cow? That's amazing!

Crys said...

I love the cows and the hamburger stand!