Flash Mobs Are Cool

Being in Cambodia for a year kind of set me back a bit on the whole being-up-to-date-on-pop-culture thing, so I'm still fascinated by the concept of flash mobs. To some of you, the social phenomenon of flash mobs might be old news since you probably have had opportunities to see them lived out on tv commercials and the like. But maybe you (like me) still get a thrill watching videos on YouTube. I especially love the Oprah Flash Mob Dance because my friend was there. (KBrock, you are cool!)

It got me thinking, how do you even get one of these "cacophonous events" together? And as with any good question, it was Google-able. Check out what the people at instructables.com have to say.

If you could pull it off, what kind of flash mob would you create? (That question isn't Google-able so give me your answers.) I'd get everyone to spin around until they were dizzy, like we used to do in the backyard when we were kids, and then all fall down at once. On second thought... that could be dangerous. I would probably have to make sure a flash mob of EMTs immediately followed.

(P.S. I like using the adjective form of Google.)


That Kind of Girl said...

If I were to organize a flash mob (which I desperately want to do! I've always wanted to take part in one!), I think I'd have everyone sing their favorite song as loud as they could for thirty seconds. I kind of like the idea of the group going from visual chaos, to organized movement but auditory chaos, then back to visual chaos.

Is that too meta? Clearly this is why I don't get invited to the cool-kid flash mobs.

Kyle said...

There is a pretty funny youtube video (I'll have to find it) of these kids who do flashmob moshpits to this super hardcore song. They basically all pack into a Suburban and then have a few more kids hide out around the area and just start moshing haha.

I'll find the video for you

Unknown said...

My friend and I have a flash mom idea for Keeneland, but it's insider Baseball-type stuff for the horse racing set, so I'm not sure any of the readers here would get it.

Flash mobs are great, though. I remember reading about the first one on LittleYellowDifferent.com back in 2001 or '02. Hilarious stuff.

KBrock said...

I can tell you this flash mob happened with auditions for a week by an extras casting company looking for dancers (which I went to so I was in the front section), then a full day of rehearsal before the dance, then some more rehearsals the day of with the Black Eyed Peas. It was pretty cool to be a part of.

I particularly like the ripple part through the audience of 20,000. My flash mob would have a ripple in it.