Happy December!

Oh my, it's December the 1st! Where has time gone?

I'm relishing in the holiday season because this year I've got two years of celebration in me. (I may have spent last Christmas on a beach, but it doesn't compare to Christmas carols and evergreens.)

I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the month continuing long-standing traditions: sending out cards to friends and family, watching White Christmas while wrapping presents, playing Bing Crosby until the CD wears out. This year, I put up my first Christmas tree that's all mine. Isn't it beautiful? I love Christmas! There's just no reason to be unhappy this month. (Except maybe the frost that coated my windshield this morning.)

Do you love Christmas as much as I do? Tell me your favorite traditions!!

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Crys said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is baking apple pies :) Nothing like a warm and toasty house that smells like apple pie fresh out of the oven.