Back into Gear

Since temperatures dropped back to the sub-zero range, I have taken a three-day hiatus from my half-marathon training plan. As I sit inside where it's warm and cozy and I can sip my hot tea, I'm having horrible time finding the motivation to drive to the gym for this week's long run. Do you have the same problem when cold weather strikes?

If you aren't on a training regimen, or the usual desire to be healthy (and look good for bathing suit season) doesn't drive you to hit the track, here are some other things to keep in mind when you feel defeated by frigid temps. (Remember, the experts said it, not me):
  • Exercising keeps you looking young. A German study found that marathon runners at age 50 look much younger than their sedentary counterparts. Plus, the boost in activity seems to do good things under the skin as well, such as keep your DNA in top-notch condition.

  • Exercising makes you smarter. Older women who practice strength training for an hour each week do better with making decisions, resolving conflicts and ignoring distractions, say researchers in British Columbia. So we young folk might as well give ourselves a fighting chance and get into the habit early.

Mmmmm. This food for thought helps, but I'm still looking for some motivation love. Let me know what kicks you into gear!

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RZ said...

Cold weather and RAIN are my demise...
When it's wet outside, I squirm. Too bad I live in Seattle. :/