Biking for Dillon

My brother does cool things like make me floralicious wall art and wear a lip ring. But probably the coolest thing of them all is the 160-mile bike ride he participates in every year.

For three days in April, he puts his legs on the line for kids for whom riding a bike is a precious gift. His two-wheel quest down the open road supports St. Vincent Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, to help sick children attend therapy camps, to purchase hospital medical supplies and equipment, and much more.

Over the years, Zach has gotten to know one of the kids from the hospital named Dillon. Dillon rides the last leg of the route with the team, Zach says:

At our last stop the head of the committee attaches a side car on the back of their bike and he rides in with us. He looks forward to it every year ... When he visits us he's so playful and full of smiles. He loves the attention we give him and he wants everyone to hold and play with him.

I admire Zach's desire to give back. If you'd like to support him and Dillon in this year's Bike for Tykes, click here.

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