Welcome Weekend!

Oh my goodness, it's already Friday! Where has the week - and for that matter, the month - gone?

I've been trudging through the last week in February in a semi-dormant haze. For some reason, I've been super tired, and I can't wait for the weekend to catch up on sleep and the other to-dos that slipped off the list:
*Go grocery shopping.
*Pick out the computer I'm going to buy. (Bad news, I'm switching to the dark side.)
*Find a place for the stuff I dropped in the doorway when I returned from last weekend's trip to Columbus.
*Run 6 miles. (In reality, this number should read 8.)
*Practice flute for Sunday. (Wednesday's rehearsal proved me preeeeetty rusty.)
*Buy green tights and shamrock bling.
*Admire the beautiful bouquet I received at the office today:

I've definitely had more thrilling weekends, but this list should keep me busy until Monday rolls around.

What are you doing this weekend?


alison said...

awh, I've always wanted to get flowers at work! Whoever sent them is pretty cool!

Laura Lee Bloor said...

Aw, who sent you the beautiful bouquet?