Consolidation Conundrum

Yesterday, due to a administrative gesture that was both a blessing and a burden, I was forced to consolidate.

My apartment complex informed me yesterday that this week they would be installing a stacked washer/dryer in my apartment. A big two thumbs up for no longer having to drag my laundry baskets through the snow and up the hill to the laundry room. On the downside, the unit is being placed in my walk-in closet (aka the overflow room).

In less than 24 hours, I had to get all my odds n ends--everything from my boxed up Christmas tree to my roller blades to my vermicompost (worm) bin--outta there. So the relaxing evening I planned on having turned into a several-hours long exercise in rearranging and squeezing. It kind of felt like putting together a puzzle. Or packing for a trip. (Neither of which I'm much good at.)

Needless to say, I still have junk laying around without a permanent home--a sleeping bag that refuses to be stuffed under the bed, a box of unseasonal clothes serving as an unneeded nightstand, and then of course that Christmas tree, just begging to be unpacked for year-round enjoyment.

In a lot of ways, I'm pretty thrifty when it comes to "putting stuff away." Looking for that roll of wrapping paper? Check behind the couch. All bags and luggage nest inside one another like a babushka. And that ironing bed (unlike the sleeping bag) slides under the bed quite nicely. Yet, I could still use a little help.

Tell me, what "hiding" tips do you have for storing items?

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Emily said...

I'm a stacker. Just because your shelf is full doesn't mean you can't stack on top of that. Look in your closets. Is there room to stack?

Rachael said...

Oh yes, I'm a stacker. In fact, I spent the evening folding sweaters for more concise stacking and placing shoes and boxes for stacking. I freed up a bit of room, but I'm still trying to find conspicuous places for some of the larger items I was storing in that closet. (Fingers crossed there will be a bit of room left in the closet after the installation.)