In the grand scheme of things, seven months is not all that long. But when you’ve been disconnected, cut off, seven months—more than half a year—can seem like a lifetime. That’s right, the reason I have not written you since (ack!) May is because I have been wireless, as in without wires.

As in, without anything. No cable. No internet. Nada.

Well, friends, I sucked it up and am paying an extravagant bill (it really is quite pricey!) every month so that I can be here with you on a regular basis. Gosh! I really have missed it.

My first day back online was filled with so many horrors. What did they do to my Facebook profile? What the hell is a Groupon? I can’t remember my Blogger password!!

But it also brought the delight of opportunity. The chance to reach out to friends new and old. The nudge I needed to plot out the next steps in this crazy life adventure.

To tell you the truth. The past seven months, I’ve been coasting. Not only have I let this blog fizzle, I’ve let my attitude toward this great journey of ours grow rather dull, as well. So the next few months are going to be about experiments. Digging into life in this no-longer-new town of mine that still seems so new. And reworking this blog so it suits the adventure.

Please don’t mind the mess as I experiment with new design styles and figure out this blog’s niche. In fact, feel free to give me your input along the way. It would be great to reconnect.

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Katherine said...

whoo hooo!
hi my name is katherine, i live in cambodia, although i'm about to move

Emily said...

LOVE IT!!! You'll have to show me how to update my blog design because it has gone STALE!

alison said...

Welcome back to the internet! I'm excited to hear more about your adventures. p.s. I got your Christmas card yesterday, which reminded me I still need to mail mine ... (opps!).