Sound Obsession: Basement Jaxx

Having found myself in a music funk the past couple of months, I sought out a friend who always has some new tunes on hand. I was taking a risk on this one, because my friend, well, he has a sort of musical neurosis. His very particular sound selection teeters toward eccentric and contemplative, and usually doesn't jibe with my light-hearted, upbeat preferences.

But the burnt CD (yes, we still do that) he handed over to me hit it right on the nose. It quenched my musical thirst. The CD: Basement Jaxx.

I'm not usually into house music, but this DJing duo from South London has diverse appeal with little bit of something for everyone. Each song has a story, and whether you're happy, angry, sad, excited, you'll find something to relate to in their play list. Hey U (with its ethnic vibe) was an instant favorite as was Take Me Back to Your House (I love the dancers in the video!) and these others:

Hush Boy
Lights Go Down
U Can't Stop Me

Tell me what you think. And share what tunes have your toes tapping.

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