Technical Difficulties

Well, using electronics and anything with a plug is a challenge here in Cambodia. The internet is finicky, hence my late updates without pictures. (I will add pictures to posts soon, I promise. If only the internet would allow me online long enough to do so!)

I was able to figure out my phone situation. I bought a sim card off David and he gave me all the important numbers - co-workers, maintenance, Mr. Lee. Then I went to the shop down the street and bought some minutes. The minutes expire monthly, and I'm told that $5 will be more than enough to cover me for the month, so that's what I bought. Now I'm still working on figuring out the phone. Eric lent me his old Blackberry, and it, like the internet, is also finicky. It turns off without notice and I still can't figure out how to turn it on without taking out the battery and putting it back in. (I want my simple, no frills phone back!)

My biggest heartache was the loss of my hair straightener. I fried it in a plug-in experiment last night. (Moment of silence please.) In my treks around the city today, I hope to find another one. At least if I buy one here, I won't have to worry about plugs and converters.

On the positive side, my plugs and converters are working. In past travels, they haven't done me much good, but thankfully this time they have performed up to standard, minus a few user errors.


Unknown said...

Oh hunnie! I feel your pain with the hair straigtener :( I'm sorry to hear that! The natives will just have to be jealous of you pretty blond curls :) So have you started work yet & how is that going? Looking forward to more news from you!

Ps. The lobbying job starts on Thursday...great pay, I get a blackberry, laptop, milege, & hotel! Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

Hi world traveler, from your aunt and uncle (Mike & Carol).

Great site, beautiful pictures and wonderful experiences! You should write a book?

Anne gave us you "blog", keep in touch. Have fun and enjoy the world.
-- Mike

Anonymous said...

Blackberries use the back light button for on and off. Hold it in and it should turn back on. Not that I'm a crack berry addict or anything :)

Anonymous said...

Let me just tell you the hair straightener bit made me snort. I'm still wiping away tears. I COMPLETELY understand how this must feel, and I am sorry for your loss.