Organized Chaos

So I figured you might want a view of the city. Things here can be described as organized chaos. It's such a strange mixture here -- the atmosphere that is. There are buildings simple, complex, old, new, ragged, extravagant. Some of the architecture reflects the occupation and influence that France once had here, but much of it fell to ruins after Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge tore up the country. It's amazing how some structures so grandiose and ornate can stand next to those so worn and tattered.

Much of the city is impoverished. People lay asleep on the side of the streets or in hammocks they set up if it rains or its too hot. Children run around selling flowers or books or a shoe shine, looking to make a buck. Scraggly dogs and cats run about looking for meager handouts. I even saw a rat today and felt sorry for it with its hair tousseled and its bones lacking meat.

At the same time, people drive about in Lexus' and skyscrapers are under construction.

It's a disheartening, complex system here in Phnom Penh. It looks jumbled but somehow life flows along. Progress is being made, though some argue not at the rate it should.

I hope to add more pictures as I take them, but here's a beginning look into the city.

(Click here if you have problems viewing the slide show.)

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KBrock said...

Love the pictures! Good luck on your first day of work!