Weekend Treats

As I write today, I'm enjoying a couple (ok more than a couple) chocolate chip cookies and downloading a new Sugarland album. Just a few simple American luxuries. I know, it's probably too soon to be giving in to such things, but I have to keep my sanity, right?

Well, I think I deserve these things, seeing as how I've had quite the adventurous weekend where food is concerned.

Let's see, for dinner Friday I had fried mystery meat from a street vendor at the park. How this works is this guy bikes around his cart on which his has meat on sticks, most of it resembling hot dogs or spam. It looks weird but it's quite delicious and oh so cheap, at about 3,000 riel (or 75 cents) for five sticks worth. I don't have pictures now, but next time I'll bring along my camera and show you my options.

I also had corn on the cob (25 cents) from another vendor and some sugar cane for dessert. No one told me how to eat the sugar cane (at least that's what I think it was). Basically I just chewed on a piece until I sucked all the juice out of it and spit out the rest.

Saturday's fare included steamed snails -- eaten with a toothpick and dipped in chili sauce -- fried chicken wings, and duck fetus. The duck fetus is probably the grossest looking thing in all of Cambodia that can be eaten, but it tastes like an egg so if you can get over the look, you are golden.

In other news on this weekend's adventures, I burned my leg on the exhaust pipe of the moto Bandol and I rode around on yesterday. I have three blisters. It doesn't hurt anymore and I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson.

Riding the moto around town is great, though. Sure beats walking and it feels good to have the wind rushing by went the sun beats down. However, when it rains, well... you get wet. We got caught in a down pour. What are you going to do? Maybe I'll invest in some fast drying clothing.

Speaking of clothing, in case you were worried about my laundry situation, I took up an offer given to me by my new friends Chris and Manette to use their washing machine. Chris is an OU alum I met up with when I arrived to Phnom Penh and he and his fiance Manette have been gracious enough to open up their home to me and show me around town. They are moving soon, though, so the laundry thing is temporary. I think I might be ok with the hand washins, so I'm going to try to hunt down a bucket and give it a whirl. Or perhaps I'll just take your guys' advice and expand my wardrobe.

Well there's the update on my life, as mundane as it is. More to come later...


matt said...

Sugarland, of course! Cambodian line dancing, anyone?

KBrock said...

You definitely deserve the chocolate chip cookies :-)

Anonymous said...

Motorcycle Rule #1: Wear long pants. This is the first rule my Dad taught me. It's pretty much non-negotiable in my family. (That and I'm not allowed to wear flip flops!)

Rachael said...

In response to Emily's comment... I broke both Tudor family rules. I wore capri pants and flip flops. In my defense, what I rode was a vespa and cannot quite reach the speeds of a motorcycle. :)