KR Tribunal News

Emily so kindly reminded me that I haven't done a great job at keeping you up to date on Cambodia's political events. The first indictment was made earlier this month in the trials of former Khmer Rouge officials. Much thanks to Emily for sending me this news article from the New York Times.

Surprisingly, the country doesn't seem all that affected by the trials, at least from what little my ears can hear. I suspect the government likes it that way. As word has it, the trials are a way for government officials (who were once KR officials) to "save face" and undo their wrongs. Pol Pot is dead and the officials being tried are not too far behind, so the question is, are the trials serving as any sort of compensation for the people of this country?

I unfortunately, do not have the answer. However, to make it up to you for not keeping up on current events, I've put out my web tentacles and gathered some news relating to the topic. Here's what news organizations around the world have had to say this month regarding the trials:

BBC: Khmer Rouge's Duch set for trial
New America Media: Corruption Charges Threaten Khmer Rouge Tribunal
Phnom Penh Post: More survived Tuol Sleng than previously believed
Australian Broadcasting Company: Khmer Rouge trial under fire
CNN: Tribunal indicts ex-jailer for Khmer Rouge, Cambodian genocide trial underway

As you'll see, like the genocide itself, the tribunal hasn't been well covered. Is the media at fault here or the Cambodian government?


Crys said...

That's actually a good point, (who is at fault.) Journalism in other countries, as well as what exactly the governments of other countries will give (information wise) to journalists from other countries is always interesting to break down and look at.

I think it all depends on 1)the culture of the county; 2)the governmetn currently in power of that country; and 3)the reputation and practices of the country of the outside journalists that are trying to cover events/news in the country.

When the whole situation in Iraw first started, our editor-in-cheif asked us "If you were offered the opportunity to go cover the way, would you go?" I said I would not, based on the fact that I was taking a 'Sociology of Third World Countries' course at time and, I just didn't think I'd feel safe being an American Journalist near the front lines.

That was a mouthful...sorry!

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Hey, to answer the question you left on our blog: We are both still at West Central School with FCBMRDD. We have not been lucky enough to move on like your Mom, yet. So far the year is going well and hopefully will only get better.