Well, I've been published in an international newspaper. It's nothing to really brag about, so don't think I am. The Cambodia Weekly needs work. And I can guarantee you that my articles need editing. I was the sole reporter and editor on my stories, so if you come across them, please keep that in mind.

I wish the articles were posted online so you could read them, but the CW web site hardly functions as a newspaper web site should. However, one article of mine was picked up by the Khmer Rouge Trial Web Portal, so check it out.

For the article, I had the opportunity to visit an art exhibit featuring artists from the younger and older generations who reflected on how the tyranny of the Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge has affected their families and their country. It was the perfect follow up to my Tuol Sleng and Killing Fields visit, which helped me to better understand the emotion behind the work.

I've included some of the artwork. I hope you find it as thought provoking and moving as I did.


Anonymous said...

Even though you are not bragging...congratulations on getting your work published!

Crys said...

I enjoyed the paintings. Thanks for sharing!

KBrock said...

Congrats! You should brag, no one else I know is internationally published.