Yoga Therapy

A combination of homesickness and frustrations with my job and the Cambodian way of life prompted me to treat myself to something not involving chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter. I've been thinking about finding a place to do yoga because the heat and humidity has zapped my motivation to run. So after a mild breakdown I had yesterday in the office (it was brief and private so no worries), I decided not to head back to my room and instead seek out a center of meditation, stretch and strength.

I had found a couple places online during some research I did last week, and with the greatest of luck, they happened sit down the street from each other. After checking them out, I decided to give my business to Nata Raj Yoga. It's supposed to be the best Cambodia has to offer, and at $4 for a beginner's yoga class and $9 for a pilates class, I figured it was worth a try.

So today and yesterday I rolled out my mat in the open-air studio, decorated with star-shaped lanterns and pots of incense, and while it didn't feel like home (more like 'ohm'), it feels both physically and mentally satisfying to be doing something other than working or exploring. The pilates and yoga classes I took were led by an American named Kate. She's your typical yoga teacher, I suppose, with her calm, introspective demeanor and perfect posture, and the students were expats such as myself. The mere fact that I can communicate clearly with people is comforting.

I plan to begin attending regularly -- especially the pilates classes. (I missed having a great core workout.) And I can cut costs by buying a 10- or 20-class pass. Who knows, maybe if I get good enough, I can learn to be an instructor -- they have classes for that as well.

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Crys said...

How I love pilates...

that is something that I am definately looking forward to picking up again once I move back up to Nor Cal. There's just no room in my little place now.

I'm glad that you found a way to relax and rejuvinate!