Happy Pchum Ben Day!

So I mustered up the nerve to battle the stares and enter the temple gates to check out all the early morning commotion. As today was Pchum Ben Day (meaning a day off of work and school) the grounds were filled with families paying homage to their ancestors spirits. Offering rice, praying, chanting, playing music. It was quite festive. I took a lot of video and photos. Unfortunately, my internet connection is being slow right now. Here's one video. I'll try to get the rest up tomorrow.

New food update: I tried cow's tongue and liver today. (Strange that those aren't the weirdest foods I've had, isn't it?) The tongue was actually pretty good. I didn't so much like the spongy texture of the liver.


Anonymous said...

So is that what your waking up to? lol

Anonymous said...

OK, now I completely understand why you can't sleep in anymore. I wouldn't be able to sleep through that either!