More Pchum Ben Festivies.

"Who did you go with?" all my Cambodian co-workers and friends asked when I told them I visited the temple for Pchum Ben Day. Surprised when I told them I went alone, they asked me, "What did you think?"

I couldn't help but intrigued by the rituals, and maybe I should have taken someone along to explain to me everything that was happening. I'd provide captions for the photos, but you might be able to infer what is going on as much as I am. The I found the dirt mounds topped with money interesting. The music, that I'll fondly remember as my early morning wakeup call, was cool too.

Hopefully this will tide you over until I return from my trip to Saigon. (Leaving in the morning!) Enjoy!


KBrock said...

Have fun in Saigon! I have no idea what's there, but I know it has some happening musical theater songs based around it.

Crys said...

Those are great! Thank you for sharing!