No Soup For You

It seems that the Thai Prime Minister and I have something in common, but at least my longing to test my culinary flair didn't lose me my seat as the head of government.

The political turmoil of Cambodia's neighboring country continues to unravel, and a couple weeks of protests and riots has led to this event: the PM lost his position because he accepted money to appear on cooking shows while in office. Genius.

Protesters seem to be happy by this court-ordered decision, but that jubilation might not last long as the PM's party intends to nominate him to succeed himself. (So the constitution bans cooking shows for government officials, but says nothing about ousted leaders serving as their own replacement? Hmmm...)

I was thinking that a little visit to Bangkok could be fun while in Southeast Asia, but now that the possibility of another coup emanates, I think I might hold off on such plans.


KBrock said...

Haha, that sounds like some weird government rule we would have...something similar to being impeached but it not meaning anything. If you're going to be fired, I guess hosting a cooking show is a pretty cool reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey! How are you? I am tired. This is a nice post...lol. I feel it's worthless because I cant think...blah blah.