More on Thailand...

An insider tells me (yes, I have connections) that Thailand is on the brink of another coup d'etat, the last one being about two or three years ago. (If I remember correctly, it was not long after I returned from my trip there.) I guess this isn't really secret information, given the public displays of chaos in Bangkok that we have been witnessing through the news. What's a little more subtle, though, is that the actions of the Thai government could greatly affect surrounding countries, namely Cambodia, who rely on international partnerships for economic growth and development.

I don't want to say much more so as not to spread misinformation, but officials in Cambodia are working diligently to ease the growing tensions next door, not only with the struggle to keep a government leader in office but with the whole Preah Vihear dispute as well. I wish the ASEAN website had more to say on the two countries' relationship, but unfortunately I could find no relevant information readily available. And unfortunately, all government websites here are out of date and not functioning.

I will continue to update as I hear it and perhaps research some background information for you.

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