Lightening Show

Last time I tried to enjoy a run at the park near my house, I was mocked by the locals who would yell at me or pretend to run alongside me. Bandol says they don't like any exercise that involves sweat, so I guess my running in high humidity looked rather ridiculous to them. It was rude, but it didn't stop me from going out again last night.

This time I managed to get by with minimal ridicule, and I got to enjoy an amazing lights spectacle during time of exercise. (A two-for-one deal!) The sky was filled with lightening and no rain. It was cool. I decided to hang out a little while after my run to watch, so I grabbed a papaya salad (one of my favorite foods here) and a winter melon drink and plopped myself down on a park bench. Who needs tv when nature can provide the entertainment?

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Crys said...

Oooh, that's what I miss about living in Kalamazoo. The amazing lightining storms that shook the house and lit up the sky!