The Consumer Market -- A Not So Economic Look at Cambodian Consumerism

I was in the grocery the other day when a woman beside me started hooping and hollering because she found floss. Floss! Her great buy of the day was tooth string. It's funny the things that the "barang" here get excited about because, well, the consumer goods here can be of pretty low quality or dreadfully painful to try to find.

As for myself, I've had to exercise some patience in finding some needed items. One week at Lucky Market (the westerner's grocery store) they might have a product in stock and then you won't see it again for a couple weeks or more.

Items I've been patiently waiting to get my hands on:

Eye makeup remover: Cambodia boasts a plethora of skin-whitening cleansers (ick!) but I have yet to come across something safe for the peepers.

Durable, yet professional shoes: I've been living in my flip flops, but I really need to invest in some comfortable shoes that look nice for when I'm around the "important people"

Styling mousse: I'm soon going to need replenish my means of frizz control. I saw some at the store last week, and I probably should have grabbed it then. Fingers crossed that it will still be in stock this week.

Sponges: Used to clean my dishes, bathroom, etc. You'd think they'd be easy enough to find, but you'd be wrong.

A knife: I finally found a knife that will cut things, but it doesn't work so well in spreading peanut butter. I really don't know how Cambodians survive on spoons and chopsticks.

Surprisingly enough, I haven't been too needy on supplies. After all, I did enter the country well-prepared. But if any of you back in the States ever find yourselves frustrated because you can't find the right brand, remember me over here who might not have brands to choose from.


Crys said...

Yes! I HATE having to go with the next best thing when it comes to some items. I'll totally send you some stuff! I know you said mail is unreliable but sponges are totally doable! Let me know!

KBrock said...

Skin-whitening cleanser? You mean you don't want to be whiter? Haha. Good luck on the lack of products though, I never thought I'd be glad to have a sponge.