Crazy Week: Day 1

Today was Day No. 1 of crazy, hectic week in October. Though it started out a bit slow, it quickly drew speed and at 8 p.m., I'm still pummeling down the hill. As my boss ran foreign dignitaries from airports to hotels to different hotels, I wrapped up some PR for the weeks events, talked to some journalists, and entertained Lord George Carey of Clifton.

I was warned by Bandol that I might have to escort Lord Carey from his hotel to his lecture this afternoon, and it became reality. I was a bit nervous at first. He was knighted, after all, and served as Archbishop of Canterbury, so he must have some pretty high standards. And how do you chitchat with an Archbishop? I find it hard to chitchat with anyone.

It wasn't so hard after all. For being such a high serving leader he has quite a bit of humility and grace. Lady Carey joined him as well, and she was also good to talk to.

His lecture, "Does Religion Have Anything to Contribute Towards Leadership?" was interesting as he encouraged people of all faiths to lead in such a way that encourages peace. He also said that religion contributes to leadership in three major ways. Religion, he said, is:

1. Transcendental: It reminds leaders that we all report to a higher being and that our actions are transparent.

2. Moral: Unless we live by a set of moral norms, we risk being self-seeking and narrow-minded.

3. Service: Leaders must use their authority to serve -- not make money, gain titles or feel good.

I also appreciated that he respected all religions and non-religions. Not that he believed in them or doubted his faith less, but acknowledged that no matter what our beliefs, we can come together to achieve a greater good in the world.

If anything, the lecture was a great pep-talk for the week and revved me up to keep going four more days. I hate to cut this short, but I must go practice the names of important people. Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen... try saying that five times fast.


KBrock said...

How do you chit chat with an Arch Bishop? Haha, I love it. I would have been nervous too.

Crys said...

That's really neat that you got to do all that...I would have been nervous at first too. And even better that his talk revved you up.