Crazy Week: Day 3

The AEF wrapped up today. Things pretty much went the same as yesterday. Although, the Cambodian way of doing things -- i.e. at the last minute -- can be frustrating.

Like yesterday, I was working on summaries of speeches. Basically, I was taking notes that I planned on cleaning up later. Well, during the closing remarks, the UC President promised that we would have copies of the summary available at the end of the conference. In other words, I had 10 minutes to clean up my notes and get them printed. EEK! They certainly know how to keep you on your toes here, and I did my best to rise to the occasion. I nearly wanted to cry, though. I wish things could run more efficiently!

On a more positive note, one of the speakers at today's forum, Din Merican, is a fellow blogger. He's a former business man who now works with a Malaysian politician. (I asked him what caused him to make the switch from business to politics and he denied being involved in politics, so maybe I don't quite understand what he does.) Anyway, he's nearly 70 (or so he says -- he looks much younger), but he's a really cool guy. Check out his blog, The Malaysian DJ. (Request a song!)


din merican said...

You are that nice and hardworking lady from Columbus, Ohio.Right? I am very much in the thick of Malaysian politics, but I am not a politician. It takes a special breed to be a politician. I can't be because I am too blunt and direct.

Cambodians have a different way of doing things. It may not be efficient as the way you or I do things, but we have to make allowances. They have improved quite a lot and we need to guide them. Show them the way and gain their respect.

I have been associated with Dr. Kao since 1995 and he is one of the best there is and I have know other Cambodian officials too who are equally good. So, I am optimistic about what is happening in Cambodia.

Thanks for describing as a "cool guy". Stay in touch and you are welcome to comment on my blog and share your views and ideas with my friends and I. ---Din Merican

din merican said...

Please let me know the song you like to hear and I will play it for you on my blog. Do you like jazz? --Din Merican

din merican said...


Please go to my blog and listen to Louis Armstrong and Tony Bennett. Have a good weekend and stay in touch.---Din Merican

din merican said...

Dear Rachael,

Professor Raja Rasiah and I will be leaving for home (Kuala Lumpur) tomorrow morning (October 18). We enjoyed our stay in Phnom Penh for the 4th AEF and the InterFaith and Inter-Civilisational Dialogue (at the Cambodiana Hotel today). The arrangements were great and we must thank Bandol, your goodself and others at the University of Cambodia for your hard work and support.

Please stay in touch and keep reading my blog for regular updates on developments in Malaysia.---Din Mericab

din merican said...

October 20, 2008

Thank you, Rachael, for the hard work and support at the AEF and the Inter-Faith Dialogue. The food at the Cambodiana Hotel was good and I enjoyed the lunch and the Inter-Faith sessions.

Kathyrn Marshall and Congressman Dr. Jose de Venecia of the Philippine Congress were very excellent presenters.

I am safely back at work in Kuala Lumpur. Most of my colleagues are busy in Parliament.---Din Merican