PM Update

No this isn't an afternoon bulletin (more like midnight). I can't sleep so here's the exciting news of the day. I got to see the prime minister speak, his first speech since being elected to the new term (for the what is it now, 17th time?). I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. (and no monks to help) so I could be at the National Institute of Education for the university's scholarship ceremony. Ugh. And I didn't get coffee until AFTER the ceremony. Double ugh. Not to mention the PM's speech was an hour-long lecture on absolutely nothing. The people here make fun of Samdech Hun Sen by altering the enunciation of his name so that it sounds like they are calling him ugly and slow. Now I know why.

In other news, I electrocuted myself. My finger tingled for a few minutes after, but no worries, I'm ok.

Hopefully, this weekend's "adventures" are a little more riveting.

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