Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone in the States can find something to be thankful for today. I found out one of the local foreigner restaurants was selling pies, so I went to check that out. A pumpkin pie cost $12!! Outrageous!

I am at least thankful that I get to have turkey tonight. Some American expats are hosting a Thanksgiving potluck, so even though it won't be the same as being with friends and family, it will be nice to have a little taste of the season. Unfortunately, there will be no parades, but someone let me know the biggest and best balloon that makes its way through NYC this year.

In the spirit of the day of good food, check out the picture of the bananas I bought this week. Siamese twins!


KBrock said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed your turkey.

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rachael! Check out our latest post, it was created just for you.