Gone Mad at the Market

I've been holding in the urge to go shopping for about 4 months now and I finally let loose. Today, I was on a mission at Psar Toul Tompong (Russian Market) to find a couple things:

• Basic tees (the stretchy variety) that I can wear to work and that won't lose their shape when I hand wash them.

• Scarves to spruce up the white walls and florescent lighting of my room. (To also double as scarves to wear when I return home.)

• Non-cotton running shorts for my marathon.

Well, I succeeded in about two-thirds of my mission. I'm rather proud of my buys, although I couldn't find running shorts (which is a huge bummer because the cotton shorts aren't going to feel so good starting at about mile seven).

To decorate the drab walls of my room and attempt to shield the florescent lighting, I bought 5 silk scarves. It was a little tricky to pick out the colors. My bedspread is a hideous dingy white color with gaudy green flowers and my non-matching pillow cases contain ugly patterns of red and gold. As a compromise I bought a variety of colored scarves: reddish orange, green, yellow, mauve and teal. (The teal I might not use to decorate and just wear -- it is my color, after all.) They are made of silk and quite pretty, but my next challenge lies in how to hang them.

Then I bought five solid color stretchy tees for $10. I'm proud of myself because originally for one, the lady wanted $3. Then she said she'd give a deal -- 5 for $12. I persisted and brought the price down even more. Go me!

I'm really excited because I found a lot of name brand stuff that "fell off the line," so to speak. Hollister, Old Navy, Gap, Adidas. Some were obvious knock-offs, but others were pretty good quality. If any one needs anything, let me know and I'll see what I can find. I think before I return home in June, I'm going to update my wardrobe a bit.

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Unknown said...

That's pretty cool! Hey, speaking of shopping...do you think you could get me a knife of some sort? I collect knives and have an assortment from all over the world. Even one from Burma area there close to you. I can pay you back and it would be much appreciated if you could pull that off!