Rechanneling Supportive Energy...

So I'm really bummed about this, but I'm not going to be running the Kep half marathon. I totally appreciate everyone's willingness to support me in the endeavor, and was all ready to sign up, but decided for health/safety reasons I probably shouldn't.

I was talking to the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor and asked him what I could do to prevent my body from reverting back to it's "messed up" state. He told me, at first, do soft exercises like yoga and pilates. "Running is very bad," he told me.


"Well, I was kind of going to do this run at the end of the month," I told him. "Not a good idea?"

"Not a good idea."

Doctor's orders.

If you want to channel your supportive energy toward something else Cambodian, I will soon have the ANDC blog site running with the kids photos and posts, so check that out and comment on their thoughts once we get the ball rolling. Here's the link to the site. It's functional, but we've yet to add content. It shall come Wednesday after we meet with the kids for class.


Crys said...

Bummer! But yes, you should definitely take care of yourself.

KBrock said...

Too bad, but make sure you stay healthy over there!