Talk of the Town

In the ongoing battle between the powerful and the powerless in Cambodia, the latest episode of human rights indecency is taking place just blocks from where I live. It's another story of developers evicting communities from their homes. I am still trying to figure out the whole story, so read this excerpt from the Phnom Penh Post. The ordeal has apparently been pretty violent and residents who weren't able to retrieve their belongings before their houses were demolished are left with nothing and nowhere to go. Here is another article with more background information.


Katherine said...

i've been meaning to post about this too, so i might do that now, I hadn't seen that video you posted a link too until just now, I heard it was violent but seeing the video really showed that

Katherine said...

I found another video about it made by a humans rights group, its the first link on my blog in the Forced Evictions post or try this