Pictures Update

I apologize for the rather sparse postings lately. It's been a challenge to see the new adventures in Cambodia as I feel like I'm getting "settled in." (Even though I'm past the halfway mark of my stay.) Life has been busy with work, the new volunteering gig (thanks for those of you who have commented on the kids blog... they love it!), and my feeble attempt at getting over this cold, which has turned into a cough.

Over the weekend I decided to spend time getting a little R&R. Saturday I stayed in all day and watched movies and Sunday got together with some girls to try out some new recipes: pumpkin sage wontons and mango bread. I linked to the recipes we attempted to follow, but the Cambodian Internet being as it is, prevented us from viewing the site, so we improvised a bit. The evening turned into quite the family affair, with everyone pitching in and dinner was DELICIOUS!

Anyway, enough about my boring life. Here's some pictures I've been meaning to post but haven't. Enjoy!

Celebrating Jenny's birthday by partaking in Cambodia's favorite delicacy... fried tarantulas. (This was after I spent the night before throwing up. Aren't I brave?)

Eating Chinese at O'Russey's night market with new friends.

The praying mantis is stalking me. (But here he's looking a little sick.)

Chinese New Year decorations at UC.

I was sitting at work and heard this loud drumming. I sauntered across the street to check out all the commotion and found dragon dancing going on in the parking lot of an insurance office.

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