Countdown to USA: College Hoodies

I feel like I always need to begin my posts with a pre-cursor, so here's the pre-cursor: It's raining outside and I was just reminiscing with Jonathan, UC's next Paul Heng Fellow from Ohio University, about old Athens hangouts.

Now that the pre-cursor is out of the way, onto my random thought of the day.

College hoodies are great.

The are practically a staple of our lives for 4+ years, so why are we so quick to banish them from our lives? Nothing screams pride more than a bright green or red or blue sweatshirt with given alma mater plastered across the front in big block letters. Nothing screams comfort more than the cozy cuddliness of its softly lined jersey knit.

So maybe my decision to move to a latitude location of 12 degrees forced my beloved hoodie to the back of the closet, but soon I will salvage it. Soon I will save it from its dark, dank misery. Pull it over my head. Inhale the delicious memories. Bask in its comforting warmth.

Here's me in my favorite hoodie (and my friends in my other favorite hoodies). Send me a photo of you in yours!

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Crys said...

He he, Mine is an easter egg pink hoodie with shiny, sparkly pink Fraternity letters on them. One of the guys at the chapter I was a sweetheart at gave it to me. I also love my comfy goldenrod WMU hoodie. Oversized so that I could layer underneath.