Please Adopt This Kitten

I have this problem and it's not my fault. You see, I'm something of a pet rescuer. It started with my family's second dog, Roxanne, that I found during my middle school years wondering the streets of our neighborhood. Over the years we've taken in a number of strays and recluses, so it's only natural that I would take this character flaw with me overseas.

A couple a weeks ago I found the cutie pictured above wondering the halls of my building. She was only a few weeks old, malnourished and with a broken foot, so of course I had to take her in. Now, I'm not much of a cat person, but she was pathetically skinny and frightened, I couldn't just leave her to the elements.

Now I'm in a predicament. It's nice to have a pet around, but I'm leaving for the States in 5 weeks. I could take her with me (I named her Meeka), but it would be expensive (200 percent extra baggage costs plus a possible quarentine) and I'm not sure where I can keep a cat since my family (myself included) is allergic to cats.

So for all of you in Cambodia, this is my desperate plea to find this sweet little kitten a good family. Her foot is better and according to the vet at Agrovet, she is in good health. She's still too young for her vaccinations, but willing to negotiate those with a willing family. She eats well, uses the litter box and seems to get along well with other pets. Message me if you or anyone you know wants to adopt.

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Kyle. said...

You could leave her with Jon and he could then leave her with me haha.

That would be fun to have a little friend around