Hello Weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend, friends?

I just realized it's my last weekend in Phnom Penh and I have so much to do! I'll be saying goodbye to friends, sifting through photos from the year that I want to print and doing yoga on a boat at sunset.

My mom arrives a week from tonight! I'm so excited to see her - it's been almost a whole year!

Photo courtesy www.powerful-mind.com


Crys said...

Seriously? That went kind of fast. Ha. Enjoy your last weekend and have fun with your mom!

Michael and Yukiko Jones said...

Have a safe trip home, hopefully we'll get to see you soon!

KBrock said...

Your last weekend already? That'll be awesome to see your mom. Enjoy the last few days there!

Unknown said...

is that really you in the pic Rach? it looks awesome-i feel relaxed & peaceful just looking @ it and i sure hope that's how you are ;)

Rachael said...

haha... no it's not me. but the boat ride was fun and the sunset was beautiful.