Chapter Closed

If my life is an open book, then here ends a chapter in the life of Rachael. But to be overly cliche and sentimental, where one chapter ends another begins. I won't deny that a tinge of fear crawled inside me as I waited for my plane to depart Phnom Penh. In this state of transition, my mind can't help but daydream about what the future holds.

What's next? People keep asking, but I've yet to find an answer for them. Despite the flitter of butterflies in my stomach as I wait out my eminent destiny, I'm surprisingly calm about my situation. Sure, it's scary not to know what comes next, but I've put myself in riskier situations and survived, so I'm confident I'll do ok. Actually, it's exciting to know life has another adventure in store. It's kind of like climbing the hill of a roller coaster - you don't know what's over the hill but you know a thrill awaits.

For now, I'm more than excited to get home to see all my family and friends who have been so supportive of me this past year. Also excited to soak in the comforts of home. I had Yoplait yogurt on the plane! Ah, the things I've missed.

It hardly has to be said, but I will always keep a part of Cambodia with me. It's been a growing year and I owe much of that to Cambodia's lessons. I thank God for all the experiences I've had and all the amazing people I've met along the way. I can only hope our lives intersect again one day.

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Katherine said...

hope you and your roommate Amy settle back into life ok, and get those photos sorted out!