Hello Ohio!

Mom and I arrived home yesterday afternoon safe and sound but a little exhausted from the time difference 24 hours of travel. Ohio greeted us with unseasonably cold 70-degree weather, the coldest day in July in like 25 years, I'm told. Such a treat after leaving Cambodia's tropical climate!

We celebrated a safe return with dinner at my favorite pizza place, Eagle's Pizza. Then I stopped by to see Dustin's new-to-me house that he moved into right after I left town.

Today, I've got some work ahead of me. Laundry, sorting through souvenirs and beginning the dreaded job search.

Photo courtesy osu.edu.


rks said...

Welcome back! Come back to Athens for a video interview!!

alison said...

Welcome back! Hope your re-adjustment process goes smoothly!

KBrock said...

Welcome home!

din merican said...

All the best, Rachael. You are home and, I am sure, with lots of memories of Cambodia and its people. Stay in touch with our region.