Columbus Art Classes

If my posts are few and far between, I apologize. I'm still in the process of getting my grounding and rediscovering America, Ohio , Columbus. Here's a little fun Columbus find I came across:

The Cultural Arts Center run by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department offers adult art classes and at a good price. For just $48 plus possible supplies costs, aspiring artists or those just looking to relieve some creative energy can take 3-months of lessons in drawing, painting, jewelry making, clay sculpture and stone carving. I think the bronze casting class would be interesting and different.

Isn't that a great way to wake up a dormant hobby? And since you aren't taking a class at a university or some hoity toity arts studio, it's economical as well. If you are in the Columbus area and want more information, check out this link. The center also offers workshops, a free coffee and conversation hour and volunteer opportunities.

Have you found yourself having to cut back during the economic downturn on the things you love to do? What have you done in order to keep your hobbies alive?

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Crys said...

That sounds like fun!