Job Altnernative: Bartering

Money is great, but why did society do away with the barter system? Today I started receiving my "payment" for a little editing gig I recently acquired. In return for editing one article a week for a fitness bootcamp instructor, I receive three free classes a week. A pretty sweet deal!

I decided to tackle the morning class at 6 a.m. What was I thinking?! Granted, I haven't worked out for a couple (ok maybe more than a couple) weeks, but it was tough. As a workout composed mainly of jumping jacks, push-ups, vertical jumps, medicine ball throws and the like, I didn't think it would be too bad - I tend to think I'm in pretty decent shape - but I'm pretty sure I was seeing stars at some point.

So maybe I'm crazy to offer my intellectual labor only to receive physical labor in return, but now I don't have to buy a gym membership. What do you think of the barter system? What skills and services would you offer and what would you want in return?

Photo courtesy Moneywise

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