High Maintenence Approach To Writing Cover Letters

Today I sent out another job application, which means I wrote another cover letter. I don't know about you, but the cover letter is the most difficult part of applying for jobs, especially given that I'm trying to enter some sort of communications profession.

As a writer and a semi-perfectionist, I have to be in just the right mood under just the right conditions in order to put my query on paper. First, I must be feeling intelligent and in tune with myself. If I'm bored or my brain is cloudy, my words will come out sounding like fake mumbo jumbo. And my perfect conditions (don't laugh):
  • An adequate amount of caffeine in my system
  • Comfortable clothes (PJs preferred)
  • Sun coming through the window at the perfect angle (10 a.m. on a cloudless day usually works best)
  • Feet propped up
  • No noise, unless it is my own selected mood music
Ok, this is pretty much how I like to write anything. But I feel like cover letters are extremely important, especially for a writer, because to potential employers it's the "face" of your resume. It not only highlights your best professional aspects, but gives the potential employer his or her first taste of your writing style. That's pressure.

What's your take on finding the perfect job? How seriously do you take the application process.

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alison said...

well, the closest I've come to actually getting jobs were for things I didn't use a cover letter for... like I heard a place just got funding, so I figured they were hiring, so I called and they told me to come in on friday for an interview.
Or I met a guy at a conference, gave him my card, and the next monday someone he knew emailed me to see if I wanted to come in for an interview.
ALthough I did send one cover letter that essentailly said "this world is seriously f***ed up, but your organization appears not to be, so I would like to work for you". That was the most promising lead until they lost funding.
I guess you have to keep on writing, calling, emailing, meeting, volunteering, and every once and a while send out a "hi I'm a real person and this is what I ACTUALLY think about the work you do" cover letter. Those seem to get the best responses.
Best of luck with all your applications!

Katherine said...

10am is the BEST time of day for writing anything i reckon

KBrock said...

I have no idea what works and what doesn't in a cover letter. I usually get better responses with my more standard ones. Another question I can't decide on, do you do a creative subject line or just what the job title is?

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

the caffeine part is absolutely necessary.