Sandwiches, Cyclists and The Bard

I am, if nothing else, a people watcher. I also love being outdoors during a summer's night and appreciate a good dose of theater every now and then. How perfect, then, that I managed to combine the three in one delightful evening.

Last night, packed myself a homemade sandwich along with some blueberries and cherries (I've been hooked on them this month) and met my friend Matt and some of his friends for The Tempest at Schiller Park in German Village.
Every summer for the past 25 years, Columbus' Actor's Theatre Company has put on free productions of Shakespeare classics.

People gather at dusk in the park's center with blankets and picnic dinners for the show, while other community folk continue their evening activities. As we set up for a night of entertainment, around us a juggling club performed tricks and unicyclists whizzed by along the parks paths. It was people watching at its quirkiest and entertainment that's good on the pocketbook.

Photo courtesy cookeville-tn.org

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